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Will You Earn Over £70,000 This Year?
Passive Income
Find out how some of our READERS did last year from property investment and often starting with very LITTLE cash in the bank...

If you have landed on this page then you are looking to find out more about property investment, maybe you are looking to create cash profits now, secure your long term financial future, or create a passive income to replace your day job.

Anybody CAN MAKE MONEY INVESTING IN PROPERTY, whether or not you WILL depends on how much effort you put in and how willing you are to learn different strategies and techniques.

Most people who lose money DON’T know what they are doing and take silly avoidable risks.

There are proven strategies that work for thousands of property investing people out there right now, you could be making money using these techniques too.

The best way to learn is from other people who are out there doing it. If you don’t have to have huge amounts of capital to start investing, there will be a strategy that’s right for YOU.

You don’t need to spend lots of money on property courses and seminars.


Making money in property  is easy when you know what you are doing, reduce risk and don't make silly mistakes, learn from new investors and professionals alike. Here are three recent case studies of investors who have adopted different startegies that have all proved successful.

Is an HMO Strategy for you.

Nick talks through how he built up his mega property business of over 200 properties and his aspirations for the future...

 Making money in Property Starting with very little cash.
Lee talks through his rent to rent strategy and how he very quickly replaced his day job and the changes this has made to his life.
Join Ventures in Property

There are massive advantages to working with other people's money but there are also many pitfalls too. Read about Prab's experiences and successes with joint ventures.

How fast can I achieve success in Property Investing?
In a recent copy of YPN magazine, one of our readers told us that he had rented a shabby property for a very low monthly rental amount and, with the landlord’s permission, refurbished it before letting it out for a profit of £300 per month. The landlord had agreed to let this property to him for 10 years and was delighted with the outcome – because it now looks fantastic! This same reader has now done 10 properties in 10 months, and is earning around £3,000 per month!"
By reading YPN magazine I have realised that my knowledge of property investing was seriously lacking. I am now an avid reader.
Also thanks to YPN, I attend my local networking event in Bristol and have met many like minded investors and some new friends  - Simon Hill, YPN Reader.
Ant Lyons, editor of YPN Magazine
Ant Lyons and business partner Michael Kyte set up YPN Magazine to help people new to property learn from more experienced investors on how to make money and not lose it. With over 10,000 readers, YPN is now the most successful property magazine in the UK.
 Stephen Fay, Stuart Yardley and Graham Kinnear 
 YPN's panel of experts in
Tax, Finance and Landlord and Tenancy advice.


Tax advice and planning YPN Expert Guest Writer Stephen Fay Stephen Fay is a property tax specialist (and Ant – YPN editors’ accountant) who writes about all matters pertaining to property tax. Stephen trained with a ‘Big 4′ practice, qualifying as a Chartered...


Landlord and tenancy advice Resident expert Graeme Kinnear Graham Kinnear BSc (Hons), FPCS, CPEA, CRLM, MGIS, AMASI, FPC, CeMAP, DipDEA: Educated in London he then obtained a Land Management degree and spent 12 years in Property Management before joining Landlord Assist. He has...


Finance is the life blood of anybody investing in or trading property. Whether it’s buy to let mortgage finance, bridging or development finance or if you are wondering how best to release equity from property(ies) YPN’s resident expert Stuart Yardley covers every aspect of...

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